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A Technology day was organized on the 8th of October by Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG ….

On the 8th of October Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG organized a “Technology day” in Leipzig. The event covered the various applications of laser markers SUNX (Japan). The following problems were discussed during the lecture part:

  • Industrial safety of laser markers
  • Image processing
  • Integrated solutions for laser marking
  • Various applications of laser markers
  • Fiber lasers and its application to solar batteries production

The second part of the seminar dealt with practical training of working with laser markers. The samples brought to the seminar by customers were marked during the seminar. Laser markers’ possibilities were successfully presented as well as new ways of marking in Data Matrix format.
Such like annual event always draws great attention of the customers and business partners. This year our sales manager Pyleva Ludmila was invited by Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG to participate at the annual seminar. It was a good opportunity to communicate with professionals who develop new technologies for Panasonic, do researching work in that area and promote laser sorters on the European market.
Useful combination of theoretical and practical parts of the seminar allows making the right choice when selecting equipment.
Hofmann Engineering in return plans to organize analogous seminar for Russian customers in Moscow  and make presentation of all the possibilities of laser markers SUNX/Panasonic.